Seven Pillars

7 pillars

These 7 pillars have grown out of Mankracht’s work over the years. They define what it means to be an integrated man in our modern world.



Connecting to other men takes guts. You must transcend fear, competition and past experience skepticism.

Shutting the inner critic that says “I’m not man enough to hang out”. When you finally relax around other men, you’ll find a new form of self-confidence.

These guys struggle with the same issues. Sharing your pain and vulnerability releases tension. The support from authentic male bonding deeply nourishes you on an almost mystical level.

It can only be experienced, not described.


Connecting with Life Purpose is very important for men.

In essence, masculinity is being at service. Giving your gift to the world leaves a legacy and honours the heartbeat of life itself.

Otherwise, you risk enduring the emptiness of living the life of someone else. The job that gives status and pays the bills, yet doesn’t bring satisfaction.

It’s not a walk in the park, but your Life Purpose is a vessel for personal development and fulfilment.



Learning healthy ways to channel your anger as a man is essential.

It’s a gateway to your lifeforce.

If you consider it a virtue to never get angry, it results in poor boundaries, no discipline, giving up and never exposing yourself to discomfort.

Suppression leads to explosive tantrums or turns into passive-aggression. The role of anger is also powerful in sexuality.

It helps you access that raw space of ravishment that the feminine is so deeply longing for.


Own your dick! You’re not a burden for having a sex drive.

Many guys use porn as their framework, but it’s a saturated form of sexuality, only limited to the visual cortex.

You may need a detox. Real sexual mastery comes from controlling your orgasm and removing greed in order to find long-term satisfaction.

It’s living up to the needs that you feel deep down. When you explore these consciously, both in surrender and domination, you become more attractive.



Much suffering comes down to men being too serious and identifying with their mind.

People with no sense of humour are often overly preoccupied with themselves and their own thoughts.

Conscious use of humour and self-mockery are key. You trust someone more when they can make fun of themselves, without constantly going to the extreme and laughing everything away.

Cultivating the art of not taking yourself too seriously is a subtle balancing act.


Men often confuse proper selfcare with being self-centered.

The “Nice Guys” especially focus on the needs of others but neglect their own.

This self-sacrificing mentality doesn’t work. If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others in a healthy way.

Brushing your teeth twice a day, meditation, healthy breakfast, working out… It all ties in with discipline and giving your body the imprint that you’re worth being taken care of by yourself.



Connecting with Spirit means operating from a space of showing Gratitude for what is.

Practicing humility and feeling part of something bigger than yourself.

We’re all going to die, and realising everything’s impermanent helps navigate life.

With Spirit you’re more playful and people can “feel you”. Creating rituals and spiritual moments out of the little things gives you meaning. This is not dogma or religious thinking, but the antidote to cynicism and taking life for granted.