Mens Presenter Bootcamp

What if you could take
your public speaking skills…


From cringeworthy to compelling?

From mediocre to mind-blowing?

From so-so to SO AUTHENTIC!

All within a safe container that brings you closer to yourself?

Here’s the Men’s Presenter Bootcamp…

That gets you presenting like an experienced, charismatic workshop leader.

You will lean into your edge by repeatedly exposing yourself to constructive feedback. Expect growing pains!



Koen Havik

"...I learned how to just be in front of a group..."

Like watching David Deida live on stage… But so much more effective.

With plenty of practice time and 1:1 expert guidance, we’ll ensure that all the theory gets thoroughly integrated into your system.

Even if your current presentation skills are anything but sexy…

Maybe they look more like sweaty palms, nervous laughter, and “they’re-all-going-to judge-me” mindfucks.

Peppered with sad excuses like, “I’m NOT ready yet.”

But you know what?

The secret to success is to start before you’re ready.


What if men like Winston Churchill or Martin Luther King would have waited until they’re finally ready to lead? They would have missed their chance to make history!

The world needs more men who dare to show up fully (despite insecurities), give their deepest gifts, and become the inspiring leaders they know they can be.

Are YOU one of these men?

If you’re ready to offer your deepest gifts to the world…
If you’re willing to move forward despite stomach-churning fear…
If you’re able to stare adversity in the face and smile…

Then this Presenter Bootcamp is for you.



Bolo Bujakowski

" show yourself in full vulnerability and confidence at the same time..."

Discover how to…

  • Be fully relaxed in front of a group.
  • Deliver captivating content.
  • Lead transformational exercises.
  • Leverage your strengths and limitations.
  • Harness techniques for effective communication.
  • Conduct your nervous emotions.
  • Embody your masculine essence on stage.
  • Show more of the authentic YOU.

… and more

For example, how to embrace failure as an essential element of lifelong learning.

We’ll never bullshit you.

Because we believe that by receiving loving and honest feedback, you’ll grow faster. (So you can save time, energy, and money along the way.)


Who are we ?

Scroll down to meet Hajee & Tibbe


Ey, I’m Hajee!

I’m the founder of Mankracht, a personal development company that has been supporting men in stepping into their fullest potential since 2015.

A former space engineer, I’m a trained Acceptance and Commitment Therapist, certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach, and co-teacher in The New Tantra.

I first came across men’s work in 2013. Since then, this path has radically changed my life. So far, this path has helped me navigate a major marriage crisis, become more confident, and find my calling.

Owen Cox, podcast host and digital culture theorist, described me as bringing a fierce, fiery, tantric drum and bass raver energy to the table. When I’m not playing with my son or dating my wife, you can find me kickboxing at the gym, meditating at a Zen Do, or DJing for my friends.

Hajee Pepping is the gentle giant of men's work in Europe. I am privileged to know him as a transformative coach, heartfelt facilitator, as well as loyal colleague and friend. He brings depth, authenticity, and fun to any meeting. His great strength and charisma are tempered with humility and patience. Hajee's long-term commitment to mastery in his work and his authentic vision make him a man you can always rely on for the long haul.

Paul Lloyd Robson, Founder of Maniphesto, Denmark


Yo, I’m Tibbe,

Founder and instructor at Bosbeweging. I take guys like you out into nature, teaching them basic survival skills (making fires, building shelters, finding water). This is to strip away the fuzzy comfort and distraction blocking you from giving everything in life.

Before disappearing into the woods, I’ve spent several years developing interpersonal communication training programs. I consulted for big organizations like ABN, AMRO, and Utrecht University.

For the past two years, facilitating survival courses has been my full-time job. I’ve guided over 40 groups (with an average of 30 participants) into the wild. Clients often describe me as present, authentic, and humble.

He creates a safe and friendly group container by setting clear boundaries and challenging participants to move out of their comfort zones. He creates moments of reflection by asking the right questions.
He makes people feel welcome just by being himself. By showing up vulnerably, he created an environment where we felt invited to share intimately. You can feel his commitment towards the group – you can always turn to him.

Rob, a participant in a 7-day survival intensive


What happens after you click the sign-up button?

The Mankracht Men’s Presenter Bootcamp is a premium, application-only program.

   After clicking that button, you’ll be filling in a quick application form.

   Then you’re invited for a 30-minute interview with Hajee.

   This is to see if the Men’s Presenter Bootcamp is right for you (and to prepare you for what’s to come).



Yves Bonroy

" was so great to do this with a big group of guys..."

Practical info

Dates: 14 - 17 March 2024

Start time: March 14th 18:00
End time: March 17th 16:00

Location: Land van Welna

Korrenbergweg 2 
8162 PC Epe, Netherlands

Group size:

The maximum number of participants is 12.


 € 995,-

Prices include VAT for private participants and exclude VAT for business participants.
Prices include the training, food, and accommodation. Payment plans are available. Ask during the interview.


Think about it…

You can spend the weekend on the couch watching reruns of Billions on Netflix (seeing other men killing it in their careers)...

Or you can challenge yourself to become a next-level leader who f*cking nails it in his own career.

The choice is yours.

It’s your one precious life.

What do YOU choose?

‘A mirror for myself’, ‘a safe container’, ‘honest feedback’, ‘encouragement’ and ‘progression’. The Men’s Presenter Bootcamp. Through the honest and genuine feedback from others I discovered that I was nervously performing a show instead of presenting my story from an authentic place. After many rounds of practicing during the training I noticed the enormous progression in relaxation while presenting. My biggest take away? Using the practical steps to prepare and present right away in a webinar two weeks after the training.

Floris Visser, Legal Expert,

During the Mankracht Men’s Presenter Bootcamp I found out that there is a dynamic in me that comes alive under the stress of presenting. I tend to totally give up and I am not aware of that process. The weekend has really helped me to take the last steps into leading my own workshops. Hajee delivers crystal clean feedback with a loving and caring presence. This training addressed my core behavioral systems and solutions that I have in place. Super confronting and it shines a useful and practical new light on how I actually transmit my message.

Nico Kars, Teacher Technology,