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Spend quality time with other men. Get shit done. Realize your fullest potential.

Integrate and deepen your masculine practice by being part of a dedicated men’s group

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Has this ever happened to you?

You attended a weekend workshop or
find-your-life-purpose intensive, and you’re full of inspiration.

Your new life lies ahead of you.

You make a plan to get up an hour early each day to meditate and work on your purpose.

The first week is going well, you’re SO on track.

By week two, you’re noticing excuses popping up in your mind.

Week three, you’ve slept in a few times already, and it’s hard to stay motivated.

Come week four, and your resolutions are out the window.

You keep telling yourself that you’ll still make it happen.


It’s just because your son got sick, and you had to babysit him as your woman left early for work…
You’ll be back on track next week...

But next week never comes. Weeks turn into months, and months into years. When you think back to that incredible training you once did, you cringe in shame.

You don’t want to feel the sting of failure, so you self-medicate.

Two glasses of wine with every dinner (sometimes a whole bottle)...
On weekends, a liter of coffee (black, brewed into your old camping thermos), paired with sugary buns from your local bakery…
Then you zone out on the internet browsing speed boat ads all day long…

Your woman has given up on you ever doing “your thing” for real. She knows that you’re not always following through with what you said you’d do. Her resentment and mistrust are so thick, you can slice them with the daggers coming out of her eyes when she’s feeling particularly frustrated with your laziness.

Thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way.


No man should feel like a failure because he can’t get EVERYTHING done on his own.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “No man is an island.”

And it’s true!

Yet most men are out there trying to make it all happen on their own, without the loving (and sometimes challenging) support of their brothers.

If you can relate, here’s my invitation:

Take your seat in the Mankracht Core Group

A virtual space for men to hold each other accountable with weekly discipline, depth, and devotion.

Most people give up on their (New Year’s) resolutions after less than three weeks.

But as you may know, it takes at least 60 days to implement a new habit.

Resistance is just part of human nature.


Because your ego doesn’t want you to evolve. It wants you to stay in your comfort zone, where it’s nice and warm but never rewarding and truly satisfying.

The big question is–are you succumbing to laziness and excuses?

Or are you sick of being on and off, craving real change?

If the latter is true for you, join us.

We won’t EVER bullshit you.

We will, however, see, encourage, and challenge you to rise to your highest potential.

Want that?

Click the button below to schedule a call with Hajee to see if you’re ready for this. Your minimum commitment is three months. After this, you’re free to stay or go.

   I’m willing to try it for three months

Each group is limited to 8 men only. Once it’s full, you’ll get on the waitlist.

The Mankracht Core group reminds me daily of what is truly important for me in life. The group supports me in defining my values and goals and it functions as a constant check if I am on the right track. The combination of the weekly online gatherings and daily checkin’s with the buddy calls keeps me alert and focussed.
I found out that being with men, confronting each other, debating, brainstorming, is really lifting me up! Instead of seeing my fellow men as competitors, the men's group is a real, strong and loving support in my personal life!

Wietse Hamstra,  Healthcare Professional and Gardener, Netherlands


Please don’t expect this to be a cozy tea party where we just “discuss” your dreams.

You will be challenged throughout–we’re asking for your full commitment to having your ass kicked (lovingly, and only if needed).

What I experience in our Thursday evening meetings with Hajee’s core group, is that I have a safe space with only dedicated men with whom I can talk openly and honestly about my masculinity, my fears, my vulnerability and my joys. We set quarterly personal goals which we intend to work on and we evaluate these goals critically afterwards. I have been a member of this group for almost a year now, and I can say I have become a better man, father, entrepreneur, friend and lover.

Geerten van Eldik, Entrepreneur(owner of Blossombs), Netherlands


So how does this go down?

The Mankracht Core Groups meet weekly

Core Group I (Dutch), led by Hajee meets on Thursdays from 8pm15 till 9pm15 (CET).

Core Group II (Dutch), led by Tibbe meets on Mondays from 8pm till 9pm (CET).

Core Group III (English), led by Ashley meets on Tuesdays from 6pm till 7pm (CET).

BTW, if you want to join one of the Core groups, you must either have worked with me before or we do a thorough intake to see if it is the right choice to join one of the groups.

Still need a reminder of who we are?

Okay, here you go…

In case we haven’t met yet…


Ey, I’m Hajee!

I’m the founder of Mankracht, a personal development company that has been supporting men in stepping into their fullest potential since 2015.

A former space engineer, I’m a trained Acceptance and Commitment Therapist, certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach, and co-teacher in The New Tantra.

I first came across men’s work in 2013. Since then, this path has radically changed my life. So far, this path has helped me navigate a major marriage crisis, become more confident, and find my calling.

Owen Cox, podcast host and digital culture theorist, described me as bringing a fierce, fiery, tantric drum and bass raver energy to the table. When I’m not playing with my son or dating my wife, you can find me kickboxing at the gym, meditating at a Zen Do, or DJing for my friends.


Tibbe is a full time instructor and facilitator at Bosbeweging where he takes groups out into nature to teach primitive survival skill (making fire, building shelter and finding water). For Tibbe, these skills are a means to strip away the comfort and distraction blocking you from giving your all. It is exactly that quality of going all in, that he will evoke by the men in the core group as well.

Before disappearing into the woods he worked several years developing interpersonal communication training-programs as a consultant for companies like ABN AMRO and Utrecht University. Participants describe Tibbe`s style of facilitating as present, authentic and humble. After 3 years being mentored by Hajee and a 3-month training with Eli Buren he is ready to bring the raw and the wild into the circles of menswork. Tibbe is a Mankracht empowered facilitator and facilitates the Mankracht Core Group on Mondays.


I've lived a colorful life filled with highs and lows, all contributing to invaluable life lessons.
Born in London, lived in Sydney, Madrid and now for the past 11 years in Amsterdam. I'm divorced but have now found a new partner in London.
My career has been diverse too, spanning roles as an advertising agency business director, startup co-founder, marketing director, and startup mentor. Currently, I run my own brand and business coaching consultancy, working with founders to uncover their purpose and leverage it to grow their businesses.
A recent cancer diagnosis has prompted me to start my own ‘Gift of Help’ podcast, and to create an online course with Simon Sinek aiming to inspire more people to welcome more help into their lives.

I completed the MANKRACHT Basic training course in 2019, and am now embracing the opportunity to facilitate a men's group, aligning perfectly with my purpose of helping others live their best lives. On a personal note, I'm a passionate cyclist and club captain, photographer, wild swimmer, skier, traveler and devoted Liverpool football fan.


What’s inside the Core Group: YOU GET…

  • 4 or 5 monthly 60-minute calls, facilitated by Hajee or Tibbe
  • An active group of like-minded men
  • Support, accountability, and exposure in a small group of dedicated men
  • Challenging and supportive content provided by the facilitators
  • A private Telegram group to share and ask questions in between calls
  • Your personal buddy to help keep you even more accountable


Nice, huh?

Participation in the Core group goes in three-months periods. All this for ONLY € 285,- a quarter.

   I want in!

Each group is limited to 8 men only. Once it’s full, you’ll get on the waitlist.

I met Hajee after reading the book 'No more mister nice guy'. The book strongly recommends seeking some kind of a support group, to overcome your nice-guy behavior.

|I found this with Hajee and his Mankracht support groups. It turned my life around for the better, for sure!

Hajee is a very good listener and he will accept no excuses when you’re falling back into nice-guy behavior.

The Mankracht Core group supports me in staying on track with my purpose and keeps me sharp by inviting me to speak my truth.
I still benefit hugely from the imprints I received from Hajee and the Mankracht Core group on a daily basis.

If you want to change your life to live closer to your core self, I can only highly recommend Hajee and Mankracht.

Anonymous, ICT engineer



There’s no better way to maintain your masculine practice than being with other men.

Imagine being proud of yourself for finally following through on ALL your big commitments, including working on your life purpose…
Imagine your woman trusting you again (and hence being so attracted she can’t stop telling you how sexy you are) because you’re now impeccable with your word…
Imagine looking into your son’s eyes feeling so proud because you know that he’s getting the healthy masculine imprints he needs to succeed in life…

If you want this, try the Core Group for 3 months.

   Join us NOW!!

Each group is limited to 8 men only. Once it’s full, you’ll get on the waitlist.

I have participated in the Mankracht Core group for over a year now. My informal description of the group is “a machine that helps men to grow”. The group holds me accountable for my actions (not getting away with bullshit) , and at the same time accepts me just as I am, “warts and all”. It has changed my life.

Simon Hoogerzeil, Psychiater, Utrecht, Netherlands