Basic Training

Basic Training

Strengthen your masculine core over 12 consecutive weeks

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Bonding with other men is your most powerful tool for getting to know yourself,
experiencing a sexy intimate relationship, and finding deeper meaning in your life.

Here’s the practice to cultivate all these things and more…


Speak your truth.
Be witnessed in it.
Have fun around other men.

I did the Mankracht Basic training following the recommendation of a friend who was 100% satisfied with it. I learned to trust other men, be vulnerable, and speak the truth. Experiencing the support of men has helped me step into my masculine power. As a teacher in secondary schools, I often have to deal with adolescents who seek out confrontation. It is important to stay firm in this and to be able to act from natural authority. I can now correct a student with strength and decisiveness without shouting.

Ulrich Viridis, Chemistry Teacher, Utrecht,


Imagine being able to…

  • Feel completely comfortable in the presence of other men.
  • Live your highest purpose every day.
  • Enjoy great sex in an intimate, long-term relationship.
  • Keep your focus in life, no matter what happens around you.
  • Circulate your anger without having it erupt in unhealthy ways.
  • Show up authentically and be appreciated for who you are.
  • Dive beneath the surface level and connect in real brotherhood.

“Love seeing you shine and kick ass living your purpose, bro! X”

That’s the kind of response you’ll start getting from other men when you use the techniques from the MANKRACHT Basic Training

Even if you haven’t found your life’s purpose yet, you’ll have a posse of brothers championing you until you do.

Here’s the guidance that’ll…

Make you go from “Mr. Nice Guy” to “A Good Guy.”

(There’s a world of difference between these two–you’ll learn everything about it during our 8 live sessions.)

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Spots are limited to 8 guys only.

This training is a MUST for men who suffer from “nice-guy” syndrome. I have done a lot of one-on-one personal development work, but this setting with a diverse group of men was next-level. Hajee created a supportive but challenging environment where we had no other option but to grow massively. His skilled guidance has led to real breakthroughs for me. Hajee intuitively feels what you need to grow. He is very inspiring, and his dedication and presence are an example for all men. Worth every Euro!

Richard, Amsterdam,

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Spots are limited to 8 guys only.


During our 12 weeks together, you’ll learn how to…

  • Overcome your fear of being disliked.
  • Become more of a “real man”.
  • Be more assertive.
  • Accept your shortcomings.
  • Develop a stronger sense of self.
  • Find peace amidst the chaos.
  • Get clarity on your purpose.
  • Relax around men and women.
  • Love your masculinity.
  • Speak your truth.
  • Bond with other men.
  • Show up authentically.

And so much more…! A closer look inside…

Experience “aha”-inducing moments simply by soaking up the energy of powerful men.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Insights into layers of old conditioning
  • More inventiveness in life, business, and relationships
  • Less dependency on the approval of others
  • A stronger sense of self
  • The ability to cultivate meaningful relationships with other men
  • Tools to set strong boundaries in a healthy way
  • The art of receiving and giving feedback
  • Ways to express and prioritize your own needs
  • An improved relationship with your inner world
  • Overall relaxation in your continuously changing life
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Spots are limited to 8 guys only.

Mankracht provided me with excellent guidance to write down my needs and start actively working on them. I got tremendous support both from Hajee and the other men.
From the beginning, Hajee emphasized the importance of belonging to the group, committing to the group, and speaking honestly about ourselves and others. I felt enormous trust being a part of that group.
I even confessed some dark things that I've never told anyone in my life! And I didn't feel ashamed – the guys from the group accepted me for who I am!

Barry, ICT-Consultant, Den Haag,
the Netherlands


What’s included? YOU GET…

  • 8 LIVE group sessions over 3 months. Each session lasts 3 hours and happens in a space in Harderwijk or Utrecht. (Online on Zoom is also available.)


  • A 30-minute intake Zoom call with Hajee to set your intention for the training.
  • A digital copy of the book No More Mr. Nice Guy.
  • A physical workbook to track your progress and accompany your journey.
  • A private buddy for accountability, so you can stay on track no matter what.
  • Coffee and tea at each meeting to keep your energy high.
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Spots are limited to 8 guys only.


Hajee is a hero!

Rarely have I seen a man as tough, bright, reliable, honest, and funny. I’m so grateful for his attention and love. I will carry him with me forever as a guide and mentor.

Jetze van Vliet, Carpenter, Veenklooster, Netherlands


In case we haven’t met yet…


Ey, I’m Hajee!

I’m the founder of Mankracht, a personal development company that has been supporting men in stepping into their fullest potential since 2015.

A former space engineer, I’m a trained Acceptance and Commitment Therapist, certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach, and co-teacher in The New Tantra.

I first came across men’s work in 2013. Since then, this path has radically changed my life. So far, this path has helped me navigate a major marriage crisis, become more confident, and find my calling.

Owen Cox, podcast host and digital culture theorist, described me as bringing a fierce, fiery, tantric drum and bass raver energy to the table. When I’m not playing with my son or dating my wife, you can find me kickboxing at the gym, meditating at a Zen Do, or DJing for my friends.


Everything else you want to know…

Session dates (Tuesdays): 6-2, 13-2, 27-2, 12-3, 26-3, 9-4, 23-4, 14-5 (2024)

Time: 19:30 - 22:30 CET,

Location: Hof van Barlo, Groenekan (Utrecht)

Language: Dutch

Your Investment: €1145,-

Early bird offer:

Get 15% OFF when you sign up before December 31st 2023.

Did you attend an intro evening?

Join us for only €995,- (Save €150,-)

In September 2024 we will start another Mankracht Basic Training in Groenekan, Utrecht.

All prices include VAT. Payment plans are available. Just ask.

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Spots are limited to 8 guys only.


Internalize powerful new ways of being in the world

Feel seen by other men who go through things like you.

Experience raw openness in the save container of a guided men’s group.

Discover willpower and determination that you didn’t even know existed within you.

Find depth, vulnerability, and meaningful connection with other men.

I experienced deep healing, honesty, and peace (at the ripe age of 58). I strongly recommend the MANKRACHT Basic Training to any man who wants to get more in touch with himself.

Anonymous, R&D Innovator