The 7 Pillars of MANKRACHT

These 7 pillars have grown out of Mankracht’s work over the years. They define what it means to be an integrated man in our modern world.

Give each of them the right amount of attention and everything flows easier. If you neglect one or more, you’ll end up in misery. Okay, it’s not always that dramatic. But you’ll certainly feel an imbalance.

Are you valuing these areas in your life enough?


The 7 Pillars of MANKRACHT



Brotherhood Brotherhood image

Connecting to other men takes guts.

Life purpose Life purpose image

Connecting with Life Purpose is very important for men.
In essence, masculinity is being at service.

Anger Anger image

Learning healthy ways to channel your anger as a man is essential. It’s a gateway to your lifeforce.

The 7 Pillars of MANKRACHT

Sexuality Sexuality image

Own your dick! You’re not a burden for having a sex drive.

Humour Humour image

Much suffering comes down to men being too serious and identifying with their mind.

Selfcare anger-pillar-sm

Men often confuse proper selfcare with being self-centered.

Spirit anger-pillar-sm

Connecting with Spirit means operating from a space of showing Gratitude for what is.

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